Good Fit Books

For students to become stronger, independent readers, they must choose books that are just right for their reading level. Sometimes it's difficult for students to know which book is right for them. At Park Lodge, we use the 5 Finger Rule for picking out books. The steps are:

1. Choose a book.

2. Turn to any page and begin reading.

3. Put one finger up for each word you don't know.

If you put up 0-1 fingers, the book is too easy.

If you put up 2-3 fingers, the book is a good fit.

If you put up 4-5 fingers, the book is too difficult.

It's also important for the student to keep in mind their interests and purposes for choosing books. For example, a fiction book would not be a good fit if they are looking for something to help them with a research project.

Another thing to keep in mind is comprehension. Some students read better than they comprehend. When they are choosing a book, they should ask themselves if they understand and remember what they read.