Library News

Welcome to Park Lodge Library!

This month, Park Lodge Library will be hosting Scholastic’s Buy One Get One Free book fair! The fair will be here May 18-21 between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Please note that the fair will close at 1:00 PM on Thursday, May 21. Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer.

Also note that the week of May 11-15 will be the last week to check out books. All library books are due the week of May 25-29.

May is a very busy month of learning in the Park Lodge Library.

Kindergarteners are continuing to study books by Jan Brett. Jan Brett has written many stories set in different countries around the world. Our kindergarten classes are learning all about these countries through her books!

1st graders are continuing to explore books by Tomie DePaola. Last month, they were exposed to his autobiographies and fictional works. This month, the 1st graders will listen to his folktales and legends. Each student is creating a mini book that highlights his/her favorite part of one book from each of these genres.

2nd graders are studying books by Mark Teague. The guiding question during this unit is, “How are Mark Teague’s stories alike?” The students are answering this question by looking at the mood, characters, and moral of each of his stories.

3rd graders are continuing to write biographies about their favorite author. They have completed the note taking process and are now working on turning their notes into paragraphs.

4thand 5th graders are working with small groups to explore a particular genre. Each group will find the characteristics of their chosen genre be examining the characters, settings, and typical problems found in that genre. They will then create a poster that advertises their genre for use in the library.

The Library Media Center is a busy place!