Reading Lists

Park Lodge participates in the Washington Library Media Association’s book awards. During their library time, kindergarten through 3rd grade students listen to stories nominated for the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award. At the end of March, students have the opportunity to vote for their favorite nominated book. Their votes get counted along with other K-3 students in Washington State to decide which book earns the award. 4th and 5th grade students participate in a similar book award called the Sasquatch Award. Twelve chapter books are nominated for this award each year. Students are asked to read at least two of these chapter books before they vote for their favorite. The following books are nominated this year:

2015 Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominees: (Picture Books for Grades K-3)
Black Rabbit by P. Leathers
Carnivores by A. Reynolds
Crankee Doodle by T. Angleberger
The Day the Crayons Quit by D. Daywalt
First Drawing by M. Gerstein
Hoop Genius by J. Coy
The Invisible Boy by T. Ludwig
Lion vs. Rabbit by A. Latimer
Little Dog Lost by M. Carnesi
Lost Cat by C. Mader
The Magic Bojabi Tree by D. Hofmeyr
Memoirs of a Hamster by D. Scillian
Nugget & Fang by T. Sauer
Outfoxed by M. Twohy
Sea Otter by S. Eszterhas
The Snatchabook by H. Docherty
Sophie's Squash by P. Miller
That is Not a Good Idea by M. Willems
Toys in Space by M. Grey
The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever by B. Ferber

2015 Sasquatch Award Nominees: (Chapter Books for Grades 4-6)
Fake Mustach by T. Angelberger
The Puzzler's Mansion by E. Berlin
Adventures of Beanboy by L. Harkrader
Have a Hot Time, Hades by K. McMullan
Something to Hold by K. Noe
Wonder by R. Palacio
Red Thread Sisters by C. Peacock
Shadow on the Mountain by M. Preus
Deadweather and Sunrise by G. Rodkey
Lincoln's Grave Robbers by S. Sheinkin
Grave Robber's Apprentice by A. Stratton
Three Times Lucky by S. Turnage